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Deploying Rails application to a subdirectory

Some time ago I deployed a new Rails 6 application to a subdirectory within a micro service architecture. Rails documentation provides some information on this but doesn't go into great details what each setting is affecting to. This post will

Ketterästi jumissa - kun valmista ei synny

Ketteriä kehitysmenetelmiä on vaikea kritisoida. Niiden asema nykyisessä softamaailmassa on niin vankka että ne ovat monien mielestä ainoa oikea tapa tehdä softaa. Mikä tahansa muu, esimerkiksi vesiputousmalli, on melkeinpä kirosana. Lupaukset onnistumisesta ovat suuret, mutta käytännössä saatetaan jäädä jumiin ketteräksi

Setting up a personal TeamSpeak server

I've had a personal TeamSpeak server running for some days now on a DigitalOcean droplet. In case you are not aware of TeamSpeak, it's a popular voice chat among gamers. The voice quality is very good with a low latency,

How to compile R Markdown documents using Docker

I got a request from a client to automate producing a monthly sales report for a web shop. The client wanted a printable pdf that would extract sales information for a given month and represent them with figures and tables.